Thursday, June 30, 2011

Soapy Thursday

Today was my kind of day. I got up and spent time with my little man while Dad slept after his last night shift, then Grandma came over and we played for a while and then Grandma and I got down to business and made a bunch of soap. The house smells delicious! After we were all soaped out, we went to grab a bite to eat, came home and Sly, Sylvester and I hopped in the pool. Came in and put Sylvester to bed and now I'm sipping on a Strawberry Daiquiri and goofing off online. Life. Is. Good.*

Here's the soaps we made today:

  1. "Creamsicle" made with a Goats Milk base,
  2. A lovely Lavender soap, with a bit of a shine. Also made with Goats Milk,
  3. Rain Fresh made with a Avocado and Cucumber base, 
  4. Sage with Olive Oil and Goats Milk layers,
  5. Eucalyptus and Mint in a Almond and Goat Milk base,
  6. Lavender Bath Salts,
  7. Eucalyptus and Mint in a Olive Oil soap,
  8. Cucumber, Basil and Melon in a Avocado and Cucumber soap.
I used my green soaps for my project spectrum this month. Just in time!

* I didn't even get out my PJ's until we went to dinner, then got right back in them. THAT makes for a good day.