Tuesday, June 28, 2011

20 Minute French Pedicure

I posted about Every Creative Endeavor's french tip pedicure last week and I did manage to do one Friday night, but it was round about midnight and I didn't get any pictures. So, I started over today and took a few snapshots. This is super simple to do and I think it looks great. There's nothing I like more then a french tip pedicure in Summertime!

Gather your supplies! I like the q-tips with pointed tips, makes cleaning up the lines easier for me. Glasses are a must!
Clean up your toenails and toes if you want to do the whole pedicure.
Paint on white polish, don't worry about being neat! The awesome thing is how you'll clean it up later.
Take your q-tip and dip it in nail polish remover. Attempt to remove excess nail polish from your toes, if you can't paint like me. Then straighten up the white polish on your nail itself. It's quick to do, doesn't have to be perfect.
Paint with quick dry top coat. Sit back and admire those lovely (and cheap) french tip toes! Now we're sandal ready for the week.

Notes: I trimmed my nails about a week ago and cut them way too short. I'm going to attempt to grow them out so I can do a square tip, which I much prefer over this. I used Rimmel White Nail Polish and Rimmel Lasting Finish - Clear, along with equate brand nail polish remover and q-tips. I paid less then $10 for all these items and I will get many, many uses out of them. Much cheaper then going to the salon, and safer too, I don't have to worry about fungus in my own home.

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