Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quick and Cozy Baby Boots

Quick and Cozy House Boots
Leather for sole – Two 6x2 inch pieces
One skein Lion Brand Quick and Cozy
3mm Crochet Hook
Size: 12+ - These shoes are going to last quite a while.

Leather soles: To make the sole of the shoe I had Sylvester stand on a piece of paper and drew around his foot, both left and right. I then used that template to cut it out of a thin leather scrap. I punched holes around the whole sole about ¼ inch apart. For Sylvester’s foot there was about 40 holes per foot.
Begin crocheting: SC in each hole around sole of shoe, slip stitch in beginning SC.
Row 2 and 3: SC around, slip stitch in beginning SC.
Row 4: Decrease every 5 stitches around, SS in beginning SC. Cut yarn.
Row 5: Begin toe shaping, you will leave heel stitches unworked. Count 10 stitches from center heel, SC in back loop only, SC 20 stitches, CH 1, turn.
Row 6: Decrease every 4 stitches. 15 stitches remain.
Row 7: Decrease every 3 stitches. 10 stitches remain.
Turn wrong side out, SC toe stitches together closing top of foot. Cut yarn.
Beginning on left side of toe stitches, begin crocheting around heel stitches (approx. 20) and over tongue stitches. Number of stitches will vary.
SC in all stitches around for 3-4 rows to create ankle of boot, slip stitching at beginning of each row.
Repeat for other shoe. Admire adorable child in boots!
Side note, I thought about decreasing around the ankle ,but was worried about it being too tight to get on easily. If it looks loose, decrease a few stitches or run a ribbon/cord through stitches to tighten around foot.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: I have never written a pattern before so please excuse any mistakes. ©Holly Miniea 2011