Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Walk Around The Block

The weather was beautiful Sunday, so we decided to go for a walk and I got one good picture.
This isn't our fence, but it has two Snowy Egrets hanging out there. They were wandering around the yard eating bugs (I suppose) when we first walked up.

Then yesterday Sly saw this turtle in the middle of the road on his way home from school, so he stopped and rescued it and we put it in the backyard until it found it's own way out to the pond. I hope it has a good life living with the rest of the turtles out there!

We had a horrible storm this morning, it knocked the power out, the sky was green, wind gust up to 70mph. Insanity! Luckily, our house wasn't damaged and Sylvester happily slept through most of it. That was about 6am, I suppose. I was still awake with Sylvester, who had been having some restless sleep since about 3am, he was super gassy and uncomfortable. So instead of trying to get in and out o fbed and waking Sly up, I just stayed up until about 7am and slept until 830am. Going to be a long day. Going to get my eyes checked this afternoon!