Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I hate Wednesday's

I shouldn't say I hate Wednesday's. They're just kind of "meh." Sly has school and work from about 9am and until 10pm+. So I'm totally alone all day, with the little man. I don't mind being alone with him, but if he's having a bad day (like teething plus pooping), it makes for a really long day. I've been up for 13 hours now and I have gotten nothing done, because I've been holding him or trying to get him to nap all day. I love my snuggle time, but I love hands free time too!

We did get a couple things done though, I went and got my glasses and we went to walmart and got some diapers. He was excellent the whole time we were out. Then we brought Daddy lunch and he fell asleep snuggling with Daddy at work. He's the hit of the office, everyone loves him. I get so many compliments on how handsome he looks, and how much like me he looks. ;)

While I was at Wal-Mart today I picked up some flannel, I'm going to try to make Sylvester some pj's. It's a really thin flannel, so I think it will be ok for spring time and maybe into summer, but we'll see. I want to get out the sewing machine and get some things made, the ladies on my October Moms forum have given me the sewing bug and I can't shake it! I have a ton of stash material I need to go through and get rid of to make room for new stuff.

I got a video of Sylvester giggling while petting Gabriel earlier, I'm going to try to upload it tomorrow and see if I can get it up here. Thanks for letting me vent!