Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

This year is a little weird Christmas wise... I'm not working for one (first time in years). This is Sly's first Christmas! We're going to Sly's parents for dinner tonight, and then we're going to exchange gifts with my Dad on Monday (as long as he can get back in the snow) and my Mom/Danny/etc on Tuesday. Sylvester is napping right now, so I wanted to write a quick post and then get back to knitting.

I finished the gloves for Tim last night, and I started the hat.
These are my first pair of gloves with fingers. Great learning experience, I hope she likes them as much as I do!
I had these backwards, whoops! Oh well, you get the point.. I hope.
And I made some sugar cookies for Sly, from scratch! I made the cookies and the frosting, go me! They came out good, I'm proud. And, of course, I got pictures!
Don't they look soo good?
Morning sun from our backyard, I wish I had gotten a picture of the lake this morning. Such a beautiful sight!