Friday, November 19, 2010

Bernet Baby Hat (with ties!)

My little man is really good at getting hats off his head (he seems to really hate him, but I don't want him to freeze either), so I wanted to try one with ties! I found this Bernat pattern and it's simple and quick to make... Or at least it should have been, I started this hat three times, I could not get the slip-stitch joins to look nice, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. They still don't look good on the hat I finished but I couldn't start over again, I was going insane over this hat! I'm glad it's done and I really like it, I think it could be a little shorter but it just means it'll fit for a while longer. I would totally use this pattern again. :) 

We had Sylvesters check-up on the 10th and he was weighing in at 11lbs 4oz! He measured and weighed in the 95%, which is great. He goes back next month for his first set of shots and another weigh in, hopefully he'll weigh over 13lbs! He has had more cranky days but we have survived them all, I just wish I could read his mind sometimes.