Saturday, July 31, 2010


I did some scrapbooking this week (I'll try to get pictures Monday) and it was a lot of fun. It takes me a LONG time to get anything done, though. I want to try 47 million different layouts before I decide on one. My first page is very plain, muted colors, no stickers (other then the address). I didn't have a lot, because I didn't want to buy a lot but of course that changed very quickly. I've got all I need, I think, for at least three more pages, I've already sorted out the stuff and got it all together.

We had our 3D Ultrasound this week, but our little man wouldn't move his arm away from his face so we didn't get enough pictures of his face, the tech said. So, we rescheduled and we're going back Tuesday to get some more pictures. I can't wait, I love seeing him, I have to choke back tears every time I go in there. I'm going to get those pictures uploaded Monday at the latest, I meant to upload them this last week but I was having an emotional roller coaster for a week and didn't get a whole lot done that I set out to do. Oh well, we'll blame it on hormones!

We have exactly 20 days until we go to the court house and get hitched! Woohooo! I'm excited. :) Sadly, my Dad can't be there, which is a real bummer but he'll be there next year when we do a ceremony. He'll be coming into town this next weekend, after an interview in GA, I hope he gets this job! That would be so great, I'd love for him to be closer when the baby is born. :)