Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewing this week

I got one project done this week. It didn't come out anything like I'd thought, though. It's a case for Sly's drill bits and what not. The next one I make will be so much better. I learned a lot making this one. When we first laid it out we laid it and measured the exact space needed between drill bits... but we didn't take into account the fact that the fabric has to be able to come up for something to slide into the pockets. That's part of why I love crafting so much, you always learn something with every project. Onto the pictures!

We went to AC Moore yesterday and I finally broke down and bought some scrapbooking stuff. I got an album for the baby and quite a few baby boy stickers, but I obviously don't many pictures to put in that album yet. So, in the mean time I'm going to start working on a "house" album, probably do a couple pages for the house in the building process, then some now that we're getting stuff built and moved in. I think it'll be a neat idea because I'll get to keep updating as we move in more, once our desks are built, one the baby room is set up, etc.

I made some Apple Cinnamon Muffins this week and they turned out really, really bland. They weren't bad, the apples were good, but there just wasn't a lot of flavor at all. I bought five apples, thinking it would take a lot to get a cup and a half of finely chopped apples but it only took one, so I have lots of apples left over! The next time I make them I think I'll use the recipe that has graham crackers in the dough and then cinnamon/sugar on top. I made more banana muffins this morning, those seem to be a favorite around here, which makes me happy.

Sly and I went to the library today and I got books about scrapbooking, baking, figuring my serger out and another pressure cooker cook book. The pressure cooker book has a recipe for three cheese ziti that looks goooood. I also really want to try making black beans soup, because I love it and I think it'd take a lot less time to cook then it does just boiling 'em down for hours.

I went to the OB/GYN today for my 28 week checkup. Everything looks great, I mentioned still going hours without feeling him, so my OB put me on a monitor and his heart rate never dropped or went crazy. So everything looks great. I gained 8lbs since my last visit! Holy crap! I need to watch the eating and start walking, I don't want to gain too much weight. From now on I'll be going every two weeks, which means we're getting closer and closer.

Next time I post I'm going to try to remember to post some about Sly and I getting married. We're getting married on August 20th, which is a Friday. We're going to do a court house wedding since I'm pregnant and then on our first anniversary we're going to have a ceremony, which will be a Saturday.