Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Monday

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Our recipes this week:
Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken
Sweet Baby Carrots
Baked Ziti
Parmesan Chicken

Lots of chicken this week! I actually switched out another chicken recipe for the Baked ziti. I figured having only chicken might be a bit too much. ;) I'm also on the hunt for ways to cook broccoli. I love the stuff but Sly and Sylvester, don't unless it's raw, so I'd like to find a way to cook it for them. Any ideas? 

I made the yogurt last week and it turned out... ok. The texture is a bit off, I think. It's like you've let regular yogurt sit out and it's gotten extra runny. Sylvester doesn't mind it at all, but I'm going to do more reading and see where I went wrong with it.