Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2: Sky Scarf

We had our first stormy day of the year! I have to admit, when I saw it raining I was more than a little excited about getting to use my dark grey for this scarf. ;)
I'd never used such fine (in weight and quality) yarns before this project. I've always been a mostly acrylic or kitchen cotton kind of girl. This scarf is going to be so soft when it's finished, every time I add a row I just want to squeeze it a few dozen times. Who knew mohair, wool, alpaca, angora and bamboo could be so soft?!
Judging by the way this is working up now, the scarf will be about 5 foot when it's finished. I think that will be plenty long enough for me. I'm loving this project, it's my favorite in a long time.