Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Wishlist

I finally finished Michael's Slytherin scarf! I was surprised when I saw I started this bad boy in January. I guess when I learned they were moving to California I thought he wouldn't need it, so I set it aside, until he reminded me how cold it gets at night in the desert.

Modeled by Sly. You can tell he likes it, right?

With the cooler weather (not really around here, but I'm seeing more Christmas decorations) comes a desire to knit and crochet warm things for me! I've decided to branch out into felting to start the winter knitting off!

First thing I want to make is a pair of slippers for Sly. I've decided on the pattern Patons: Family Felting booklet. I'm going to use the colorway Forest, because my Mom had some on hand that she got on clearance for $1.24 a skein; which brings the slippers to a grand total of $2.48. This makes me much less nervous about my first felting project!

The second project, which I believe will be a quick one, will be a pair of Edna slippers for myself. I could use eight or nine pair of these, since my feet constantly freeze and Sylvester likes to hide my slippers. As far as yarn for this project, I've got lots of Red  Heart in my stash, so I'll use something on hand. That will keep costs down and be a stash buster project - win win!

Last, but not least, is the Penny Arcade Jacket. There is something about this jacket that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it on Pinterest. I've never crocheted a jacket before, so this will be an adventure, too. I've also got lots of Caron yarns in my stash, so I'm hoping to make this a stash buster project, too. 

Thanks for looking! I'm going to go cast on for Sly's slippers now! - Holly