Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Planner Monday

Baked Slow Cooker Chicken
Zesty Italian Crescent Casserole
Left Overs
Dinner with Family
Baked Chicken Nuggets
Left Overs
Boxed Dinner (hamburger helper or the like)

I'm also going to make some Pumpkin Fudge this week from RecipeGirl's site!

My menu changed quite a bit last week, we had some weird schedule days and funky naps that kind of threw us off. I didn't end up making some of the things and we didn't grill out. We ate more left overs and more cereal this week. Last night, however, I missed the mark on making the Cinnabon clone so I made French Toast Muffins. I'm loving Pinterest for finding recipes and just crafty stuff in general. 

I'm now off to hunt down the new months coupons before we go grocery shopping.