Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chilly Weather and House Shoes

Today it was quite chilly for us, chilly enough that if I had had to stand outside for very long I would have pulled out a jacket. But it was fantastic for having the windows open! Dan and Mom came over today to help me out with Sylvester, he's still not napping so it's a huge relief to have someone else here to help me amuse him all day.

While they were here Danny cut out two pairs of soles for house shoes for Sylvester. Here's the first pair I made.

I'm glad Mom was here to help me figure out how to do the different parts of the shoe. Made it a ton easier, lol. I think they came out super cute, and incredibly soft. They took about 30-45 minutes to crochet for each shoe, and compared to some others online that range from $30-40, it's time well spent. Since I got the yarn on sale these cost me all of $3.