Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Visit

My Dad visited this weekend, he watched Sylvester for me while I worked. It was a good weekend, I think. Sylvester didn't sleep well so Sly and I are utterly exhausted. We're looking a bit like zombies these days, wandering through the world not really seeing anything.

We did get some stuff done this weekend, I bought tiles for a project I want to make and Sly bought wood for a project he wants to make. We put in for our time off during his spring break, yay! Dad and Donald bought me a Nook for my b'day, and I'm loving it. I've only bought one book so far, but I've downloaded a bunch of free ones.

I haven't gotten any crafting done this weekend, I've just been hanging out with the family. I also haven't felt much like doing anything but relaxing, my throat is killing me and I'm super congested. Anyway, hopefully I'll have something eventful to write about tomorrow.