Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Donald!

Today is my little brothers 22 birthday! Happy Birthday to him! Sadly, he's working night shifts, so we can't really celebrate until next week but we'll do something for him.

Sylvester didn't sleep well again last night, but it was better. He woke up at about 0400 and was up on and off for about an hour and then slept until about 0630. Oh well. I'm hoping we'll get back on track one of these days. He went to bed a bit earlier today, so hopefully he'll get some good rest in (and maybe Dad and I can too).

I moved all my patterns to the Nook and they're really easy to read on there. I wasn't sure what the format would be like but it's pretty nice. The PDF files look better, but I haven't converted them all yet. Project for next week, perhaps!

Speaking of projects, I'm going to try to get my seeds started tomorrow. I'm already late getting that done, but better late then never, right? Maybe on Sly's spring break he can put me a bed in or I might just do everything in pots this year. I do like the way potted plants look, but I love me a raised bed garden too. I know I mentioned it when I got it but I love the book The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!.

Anyway, enough of my insanely tired ramblings. Have a good evening!
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