Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amber Anklet and Yarn Shopping!

Mom and I went yarn and bead shopping today, I had a lot of fun and got some neat stuff. I got cotton yarn and needles at the yarn store and some spacer beads at the bead store. Mom found a ton of stuff she wanted (as she often does) so we had a good trip all around. Here's the stuff I got, I'll try to get some pictures of the stuff she got tomorrow.
I started my Peaches and Cream - Strawberries and Cream dishcloth! I couldn't wait to start it, I'm trying to knit it while nursing, it seems that's going to be my only knitting time for the next week or so. And then Sly will be out of school, woohoooooo!! 

Mom gave me the Amber beads to make this anklet for Sylvester (I plan on making us all some after reading about the beneficial properties of Amber). I'm hoping it will help Sylvester with gas pain, colic, and growing pains. It can also helps with joint pain and all kinds of stomach issues, along with teething in toddlers. I want to find rounder beads to make him one with, so it lays better against his skin, but I wanted to get him something made, so I used these. I love it, I hope it helps him! 

I got my first PAID knitting job this past weekend, I'm going to get paid to knit a pair of mittens and a hat for a friend of mines mother. I'm using the Urban Necessity pattern and Knitpicks Andean Silk (in Cranberry) yarn, I'm so excited. My Knitpicks order shipped today and of course, I didn't just get yarn for this project. ;) The Cricut Cartridges I bought also shipped today, I can't wait to get those. I ordered one to make art for Sylvesters room walls. It's the Dinosaur Tracks cartridge and I'm hoping I can make some cool art work with just these and scrapbooking paper. :) And last, but not least, I ordered a pair of Reebok Easytone sneakers from 6pm.com for Sly, Mom and I. I hope they're comfortable!