Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wedding and Knitting!

As I mentioned before Sly and I got married on 08-20-2010 and here's a few of the pictures we got at the court house. I'll have more pictures soon!

I also finished the first knitting project in a looooong time, I feel like it's been ages! Here are some heelless/toeless socks I made for wearing around the house. I wanted to finish these so bad so I could start on some baby hats for the wee one. I'm going to make a little pumpkin crocheted hat and a knitting simple baby hat. Here's a couple pictures of the socks I made.

I'm 33 weeks along now! I'm getting more and more excited, I can't wait for the baby showers, then I can figure out exactly what I need. I'm going to start packing a hospital bag here soon, just incase... I hope it will be many, many more weeks before baby Sylvester arrives, but I don't want to ignore the obvious and not be prepared either. Everyone has been wonderful sending us gifts, from people we see often to people we're lucky if we get to see once a year. I hope everyone gets to come after he's born so they can all meet him. But for  now it's time to get off my butt and get something done today, back to work tomorrow. :(