Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So tired...

Sly and I got married on Friday, August the 20th! Woohoo! It was wonderful. Unfortunately Mom didn't make it there in time to see it, but it was nice having just Sly and I there. My Dad couldn't be there due to work and neither could Sly's parents, so I'm kind of glad that no one else was there. She was pretty bummed, but she'll see it all again next year when we have our ceremony, anyway.

I'm increasingly tired these days, not sleeping well, leg cramps, etc. The joys of being 33 weeks pregnant, I guess. But I only have 7 weeks to go until I meet our new family member! I'm hoping I go into labor on 10-10-10, because it would be neat. We have a friend that's birthday is also that day, to make it even better.

I'm finishing up the heelless/toeless socks I'm making so I can start on some baby stuff. I have a cute pattern for a pumpkin hat and another quick baby hat. I'd like to make some mittens/socks too, since he'll be super tiny during the cold months. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done!