Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When WIPs Become FOs.

I wanted to talk about the Monks Travel Satchel, it was my first "big" project and it really shows how little I knew about knitting. I started this project October 1st of 2006 and finished it August 5th of 2012 - which I think qualifies it as a serious WIP.
When I picked this project back up I started to notice all the mistakes I'd made! Nothing that made it unusable, except that I used Acrylic yarn for a bag. Acrylic is way too stretchy for something like this unless you plan to line it. I still haven't figure out how I'm going to line the bag and strap, yet.
I picked this back up after years of not touching it and it took me a while to figure out which piece I was working on and then I ended up knitting about 3 inches too much on it! That's why the flap covers post of the front of the back. Whoooops!