Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soho Bracelet

I saw this Soho bracelet on Pinterest and really liked the way it looked, but I have a ton of other projects going on right now so I put it aside... Then I went into A.C. Moore and saw this Aunt Lydia's Iced Bambooyarn and had to make one. The AL's thread is thicker then what the pattern calls for, so I ended up using 44 sts, instead of the recommended number.

This yarn is awesome, it is pretty, with a little sparkle but it is not scratchy like a lot of yarn is that has tinsel. It is just as soft and shiny as you'd imagine any other bamboo yarn should be too.

I also made Mom a metal stamped necklace, like the one I'd made before, with Sylvester's initials and then my brothers and my birthdays. I still need a ton more practice making this, but this one was made in about 15 minutes. I rushed through making it, so I could finish it before Sylvester woke up from his afternoon nap.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We're celebrating Sylvester's first birthday on Saturday, I will have lots of pictures come Wednesday next week!