Monday, September 19, 2011

Menu Monday

Chicken Ranch Wraps
Pizza Crust
Left Overs
Grill Hamburgers and Hotdogs
Chicken Tacos and refried beans
Breakfast for dinner
Easy Shake and Bake Chicken

I was going to post about last weeks menu throughout the week but I never got a chance, so here's a little of what we liked. I really enjoyed the Lasagna, Sly really enjoy the Chicken and Dumplings. And the no bake peanut butter pie was incredibly easy to make and good to eat (but probably not good for my behind.) We never seem to stick to the menu 100%, we ended up ordering pizza Thursday night, I love me some pizza! And I never ended up making pizza of my own, I just couldn't get times figured out to get it started around Sylvester's bedtime, so I'm going to try again this week.