Friday, September 2, 2011

And Apple Turnovers

Coffee... Check
Sylvester down for first nap... Check
Daily To-Do list made... Check

Ok, I've come to admit that I'm a hard core list addict. I make a to do list every day, it helps me get things done. If I can look at the list through out the day I spend less time wondering what I need to get done. So, every day I copy the things I didn't get done yesterday and make a new list for today. So, this has become my best friend.
The picture is a link to my 31 page. Take a look, there's tons of awesome products!
It has a notepad with it, but replacement pads are easy to come by at Wal-Mart or the like. It has a pocket for clips, pens, etc. And a stretchy pocket for coupons and the like. I have mine in Botanical Lace.

Last night we wanted breakfast for dinner, so I made Apple Turnovers. I think they came out great! I didn't eat the glaze on mine, because it was a bit sweet, but Sly loved it on his. Sorry for the dark picture, it was taken very early this morning on my phone.
I had left over apples, they're so good by themselves! I ate some of them with breakfast this morning.