Friday, July 29, 2011

Visiting Downtown

We went downtown today to walk the Market. If you haven't ever been to Charleston, and the Market, you should try to make it. It's lovely. It's generally hand made items, from local vendors. I saw a few people selling a few handmade things and mostly bought items, which was disappointing, but what are you going to do, right?

One of my favorite things to see are the Sweetgrass baskets, I adore them. These ladies are always sitting around laughing and joking together while they make them.
Sorry for such a small pic.
I also went by the LYS and got some Wendy Happy yarn in Pisces and the book Beautiful Baby Shoes (on sale). 

Today was also my last day of work. I went in today and found that they had already locked me out of the computer, so I couldn't even clock in or check my messages. The comical part of this is that I'm supposed to stay prn, and had patients TODAY to see for microderm. Which is difficult to do, when you can't clock in. I'm feeling pretty torn about not working anymore, but I'm sure it'll be great, in the end. As of today, I'm officially a stay at home Mom.