Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lazy Days

I had a pretty lazy day today. Didn't clean, didn't cook. I did do some diaper laundry, some crochet and we went wandering around the Tanger Outlet. Sylvester was pretty upset towards evening, I think he needed something to do, which is why we ended up at Tanger. We got some cute stuff for super cheap.
Part of the reason for such a lazy day is I've been having some problems with my shoulders. I don't know if it's sleeping wrong, carrying the baby around or a combination of both. My shoulders hurting is causing my head to hurt, today was day 3 with a headache. Which makes dealing with Sylvester even more difficult, especially because he's been grumpy due to not pooping. But I'm off the soap box now. I'm going to change pillows and see if that helps.
I'm not sure if I posted about it yet or not, but Friday is my last day at work. I have been offered a position in another department, which would give me lots of opportunity to do school work, and it's a sit down job, so I wouldn't go home utterly exhausted and stressed. Sly doesn't want me to take it if I'm doing it because I feel we need the money, though. Which is kind of why I was considering it. ;) I'm going to go talk to her and see what she says about doing it occasionally.