Saturday, July 16, 2011

Farmers Market

We went to the Summerville Farmer's Market for the first time this morning. It was overly large, apparently there's another larger one a little further out, but it was fun! We got two huge tomatoes for my FIL, and we got ourselves some sweet potatoes, summer squash, red skin potatoes, and a cucumber.

We'll see how much we enjoy them and how much we can actually eat, so I know what to get next time too. I was afraid to buy too much because we either eat a ton of fruits/veggies around here or none at all, it seems like.

I have to say, I love the idea of buying local stuff, though! They had the farms they got all their stuff from listed, many of them their own personal farms, which I like so I know it's not something they shipped in and has been frozen. That's one of my biggest complaints buying fruit, especially, from somewhere like Wal-Mart, is that if it's been frozen and thawed, it just never tastes the same.

My husband wasn't very impressed with the prices of the other "stuff" offered. The produce was great prices, but the jewelry, honey, bread, etc was pretty expensive. I honestly think it's because he's never been to Whole Foods to look at their prices, but neither here nor there, we didn't pick anything of the sort up.