Sunday, June 5, 2011

Plaid Romper

I didn't realize it'd been two days since I last posted. There has been a good bit going on around these parts. For one, I finally finished Sylvester's plaid romper yesterday! Yay! I told my boss to not put me on the schedule for July, for urgent care. And tonight is Sly's first night shift at the VA hospital. I hate nights, but I hope it goes well for him! 

A little more about work - I will continue to do skin care/dermabrasion but I won't be scheduled in UC anymore. I still enjoy parts of my job, but I feel I go in angry and anxious every day I work, and I can't provide good care for patients feeling like that. I do, however, really enjoy doing the skin care with them still, so I'm going to keep doing that while I'm in school (which I start in August). 

I got a few pictures of Sylvester's romper. I used the Summertime Romper tutorial from Pickup Some Creativity.  It was the first time I'd used snaps, I felt like a total git using Sly's hammer, lol. I learned a lot of things making this little outfit. I love it!