Thursday, June 9, 2011

Barefoot Sandals

Ok, I love the summer time. Until it gets to be about 110 degrees, and then it's too much summer for me. But, because I have a 20lbs reason to be outside more now, I've been thinking of fun summer projects. I made these while he was playing and Daddy was sleeping after his second night shift the other day. Hope you like them! They took about 20-30 minutes each, while playing with Sylvester.
The pictures don't show it, but it's a little flower on the top. 
Will try to get a better picture of the flower!
Some pictures of Sylvester that we took for a biweekly photo challenge on the October Moms forum.

And last but not least, Sylvester trying out some carrots and broccoli.
Took this on the 4th and forgot about it completely!