Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC: Day 2

So, what does 2-2.5 hours of sewing get me? This - 

Ok, I'm joking... I did finish a Brapron. My sewing machine was giving me the fight of it's life, but I beat it into shape! I'll get many pictures tomorrow with my adorable model. 

I also got pictures of Sylvester out playing in the grass today which I will upload tomorrow too. We got a chance to transplant my Mint and Cilantro. And Sly got me a 60 gallon composter! We transfered all the compost from the garbage can to the new bin (FYI: that was totally gross.) Sly also went out and dug up a mimosa tree while Sylvester and I picked black berries from behind our house. Sylvester approves of black berries, btw. He loved them, I was just letting him lick them, so he didn't get the seeds so it looked like he'd busted his lip from the juice running out of his mouth, lol.