Thursday, March 24, 2011

What A Beautiful Day! (TONS of pictures)

I had a pretty good day considering that we haven't slept well in days and Daddy had evening clinical's.

I got quite a bit finished and I got goodies in the mail! I got our diapers from Jillian's Drawer today and I got my new bra from Zulily. I will hopefully post which diapers are my favorite within the next week or so, but we get to try them out for a full 21 days!

I finished my earring holder, which I've been "working" on for a while. In reality I just needed to get the picture wire and I kept forgetting it when I went to Wal-Mart. Here's some in progress pictures and the finished product. I spent a grand total of $6.
Shows the original color of the frame
New color to match our bathroom. It's actually a little greener then this.
With the I-hooks in the back. My thumb is still hurting from screwing all these in 
View of I-hooks from the front, they're just barely peeking out. I wasn't hoping you wouldn't see them at all, but it worked out ok.
Better shows the green color. 
All finished! I love it. Multifunctional things are awesome. 

We got to eat lunch with Daddy yesterday and Sylvester wore his new sunglasses out. Isn't he just so freaking cute?!