Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sylvester has got his first tooth coming in. We couldn't figure out why he wasn't sleep at all. I guess we know now, between a little baby orajel, some tylenol and some TLC, we got 6.5-7 hours of sleep last night. Which compared to the 2.5-3 hours the many days before that, it was amazing. I woke up to the alarm this morning, not a screaming baby, yipee! We also got him a Woombie, which are thinner and cotton, instead of the poly fleece stuff that his other swaddle was.
I have to often remind myself that he can't tell us what's wrong or what's hurting and that I need to avoid getting frustrated because he can tell we're frustrated. So, not only will he feel like crap, because his mouth is hurting or he's got gas, he thinks we're upset/angry too. It's amazing the lessons I've learned in these short 5 months. Thank you, Sylvester, for teaching me so much.