Monday, January 10, 2011

Monitors and Icecream...____ Weird mix, eh?

I made some Orange Sherbet today and I set up my monitor and keyboard with my laptop, thus the title. I'm loving the new monitor, it's much easier to read things. The new keyboard is very nice also, though, it's been long enough since I typed on a regular sized keyboard that I'm doing a whole lot of back spacing tonight. Just because I'm that nerdy, here's a picture of my new set up. ;) 
Ok, it's not quite done. The monitor will be mounted to the wall eventually. ;)

Now, on to the icecream! I made Vanilla icecream at the end of last week and I made an Orange Sherbet tonight. The Vanilla turned out super yummy, I made it with a recipe that had no eggs in it, but it was creamy none the less. The Orange Sherbet is really good, but it hadn't frozen yet, and it is definitely better after it's had time to "settle" in the freezer for a bit.
Orange Sherbet is on the left, Vanilla on the right. 

And just because I can a picture of my oh so handsome son... ok... I couldn't pick just one, so you get two!