Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby Sign Book Review

Ok, I've never reviewed books before. I happily give my opinion on them, but never written a review, so here goes. I got a few sign books from the library and scanned through them all before settling on one I really liked. Please keep in mind I haven't read any of these cover to cover yet. 

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Baby Sign Language - Very basic book, not a whole lot of signs and says to not start until 3 months old. It has a section on how to deal with naysayers, I like that. I was very unsure of whether I wanted to try baby signing because of stuff people had told me, so it's nice that it gives a way to explain it to them.

Sign With Your Baby: How to Communicate With Infants Before They Can Speak  - I didn't look through this one very long, I don't really care for the format of it. But it also uses ASL, which I like. One thing I didn't like was the illustrations, they seemed kind of confusing, which I don't think is good when you're trying to learn a second language that is based solely on the right actions, not verbal pronunciation. 

The Baby Signing Book: Includes 350 ASL Signs for Babies and Toddlers - My favorite out of the three, it has the most signs, the illustrations are good, and she has a very nice way of explaining things. She gives more detail on grammar and syntax then the other two and she has a ton of resources in the back of the book for expanding your ASL learning. She also explains that babies/toddlers will make up their own signs, explains what they mostly likely mean and how to correct them. 

I'm going to pick up Baby Sign Language Basics: Early Communication for Hearing Babies and Toddlers from the library today, so I will look through it tonight or tomorrow.