Friday, April 23, 2010

Fetal Doppler

I ordered a fetal heart doppler from today! I'm super, super excited! I didn't really have any plans to buy one but Sly and I were talking about it after they used one at our OB appointment yesterday and he said they were $500-600 bucks! I was shocked. So I went on Amazon and looked and found one with great reviews for $60 bucks, awesome. I know I won't be able to feel the baby kick for another month or so, and I'm over 98% of the nausea/feeling like crap. So it will be a wonderful reassurance and experience for Sly and I to both hear the heart beat. I hope it helps Sly feel more involved, I know it's odd for him when I wake up wanting to throw up the last two days worth of food but no "real" evidence of why I've turned into a seeming hypochondriac. Anyway, tomorrow is Sly's b'day so I'm making him snickerdoodle cookies!